Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Egyptian Airwaves

Egyptian Hip Hop. Affectionatly known by us as everything from Bolivian Chip Shop to Arabian Brit Pop we've all developed an unhealthy fascination with them, their fringes, their post skins duds and most importantly their fluttery-post-garageband rhythmic delights.

Rad Pitt (Rad. Fucking. Pitt!) is becomming anthemic to us to the point where barely a Hat Club goes by without it being dusted off and it got dropped three times within about two hours at the Blue Flowers easter all dayer.

Their three gig history is pretty consumate already, the first so good that they had Tobias from O. Children jigging giddily along to songs they'd written that morning, the second (a 3am set at a Christian Cafe) so bad that half of the audience actually believed them to be a practical joke and at the third they got booted off after one (amazing) song for being underage.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Fresh (demo) (Exclusive)

rad pitt.mp3 - Egyptian Hip Hop (demo)

Heavy Heaven (demo).mp3 - Egyptian Hip Hop


April Hot Club feat. Good Shoes/Video Nasties/Apples

Indie pop royalty Good Shoes will play a super special come back show exclusively for Hot Club at The Deaf Institute in Manchester this April. Their first gig outside of London in a very very long time and a great early chance for northern fans to hear tracks from their second LP.

Bring back memories of a time when all we really wanted was succint guitar based pop with the first 'Shoes album here, happy days, no?

Joining them will be the wonderful Video Nasties, as part of their tour backing the release of their debut long player 'On All Fours', which you can listen to on Spotify here.

Opening the night will be Hereford's Apples, who's track 'Reason 45' looks set to be the soundtrack to the summer. This will be their fifth ever gig. Their fourth is at the Flech d'Or in Paris, who said the toilet circuit was dead?

Tickets are priced at £10 are available from and in person from Piccadilly Records and The Deaf Institute.

Here's the brand new video for Video Nasties new single 'Jellybean', it's getting us all very excited...


Hot Club presents Delphic's Single Launch

Delphic, Hot Club and R&S Record's single launch party has finally settled on a venue, about time too as it's on Saturday.

The party, which had to be moved from Fallowfield's 'The Chapel' venue due to licencing issues, is now taking place in the celubrious settings of Blink, in the cavernous bowels of Afflecks Palace. Yes, that is the place that Tramp! Moved to.

As well as Delphic's first full headline show in Manchester in months revellers can expect a two hour set from techno godhead Ewan Pearson (the guy who produced 'Counterpoint') and sets from R&S artsits The Chain and Will Tramp! returning to his former home.

Those who don't know what Delphic's live show is like can get an idea at, or have a look at the video below.

Tickets for the night cost £8 and are available online from and in person from Piccadilly Records, Manchester.

Listen to Counterpoint and side some massive remixes by Paul Woolford and The Chain on Spotify here...