Thursday, 30 July 2009

Dunlop, Bell, Fleming

I recently came back from a traumatic few days stuck in Scotland on the most Westerly point of mainland Britain. Although I did see a deer, civilisation felt a million miles away - to help me though this whole experience the magnificent Midnight Maxi Mixes rarely left the speakers. Crafted by the mind-blowingly-life-alteringly-groundshakingly-talented Django Django (also they're Scottish) it's a fantastic monthly compilation of some beautiful corners of noise.

Also, Django Django release their debut single this month, you can buy it here or watch it below!


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Let's Jump Ahead

Sweden is pretty much the most amazing place, an endless supply of insane jeans, blankets for when it gets cold so you can enjoy sitting outside, as a nation they know how to live. Cleast Eatwood hail from the beautiful Stockholm and create sounds that could only come from Scandinavia. Majestically understated you glide through moments that effortlessly summon up a generation of artists that have created some of the finest noises in recent history.

We could list lots of Swedish music we all love, knowingly nod our heads in agreement to their reference points and contemporaries, instead enjoy the fantastic Get Related and the inspired Michael Polnareff, thank God for myspace's influences.

MP3 - Get Related - Cleast Eatwood

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Mono

As the tides rise, the seasons changes and the world slowly begins to boil you'd be forgiven for forgetting that anyone in Great Britain could write exciting and genre defying pop music without being a private school whore with auto tune stuck down their gullet. But, salvation comes in the shape of The Mono, softly spoken and tucked away in a quiet corner of Kent they've created a sound that deftly cuts though the darkness to reveal two long slim figures stood in the light at the end of tunnel.

From snarling guitars shredding around perfectly balanced vocals, that swoop from the hushed beauty of Aimee's tones to the sharp power of David's lead vocals, to killer beats that underline the foundations of sublime pop brilliance that The Mono are crafting. Although yet to play a show, we're able to pass on the mesmerising Sparkling Furrs, with a pinch of new wave, no wave and for good measure yes wave it's quickly becoming the sound track to Hit Club's summer.

Sparkling Furrs - The Mono

White Car

For all you successful people this is possibly the sexiest record we've heard in time, hushed vocals and a pounding synth can't but get you hot under the collar. Coming from White Car's forthcoming ep, it could be four of your best spent minutes today.

The Bridge - White Car