Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I once trecked around Northern California for a week, it nearly killed me, so God knows what would happen if Hit Club set off on a mission to Russia. I think i'd loose my toothbrush somewhere around Minsk, I wouldn't be able to go on after that set back.

Southampton isn't much closer, but at least for March on Moscow he doesn't have to navigate Birmingham. Could just get a train, the Tran-Siberian and get off before you trans Siberia?

mp3: Several Times - March on Moscow


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hit of One Hit Club of Another

Better be quick as X Factor is about to start, but Veronica Falls are mighty fine. They've now got a new tune up and they're playing the freshers ball to end all balls at Nail The Cross, presented by the eternally amazing No Pain In Pop.

Veronica Falls on another hand in a previous life were part The Royal We, who are pretty special ... get the record here.

mp3: Found Love In A Graveyard - Veronica Falls

Thursday, 3 September 2009

You Can Lead A Hit To Water

The continual stream of young ladies in music is getting boring I just wish that more of them threw themselves under horses rather then learn how to use drum machines. But, Elan Tamara has done something pretty special here, with the help of ever amazing Kwes (tea hut), she's made something genuinely interesting.

The irrepressible and ever magnificent Illegal Tender will help you fill in the gaps better - but the beautiful Oranges comes straight from her forthcoming E.P. which you can buy from Rough Trade.
I know little else about her other then by going from her myspace page we could be taking her on tour in a Spar delivery van, but Oranges comes as a breath of fresh air.

mp3: Oranges - Elan Tamara